Whether you’re commuting from home, staying with us for a short or long period of time, Pinecrest offers total rehabilitative therapy needs.  Our professional therapy team works hard to get you back on your feet after surgery, injury or an illness.

Physical, occupational or speech therapy can aid in the treatment of arthritis, multiple sclerosis, joint replacement surgery, athletic injury, stroke, chronic illness, orthopedic injury, muscular injury, amputation, neurological disorders and other conditions that may cause a decline in your condition.

Pinecrest therapists will work with your physician to create an individual plan that bests suits your needs. All in a large, state of the art gym.


Physical Therapy works to help patients regain strength, balance and functional mobility.


Occupational Therapy helps people relearn many of the “ordinary” daily living skills lost due to stroke, injury or other trauma.  Through occupational therapy, better techniques for eating, dressing and grooming are learned.  Specialized activities and exercises are designed with the patient in mind, restoring lost motion and strength in the arms.


Speech Therapy assists people with speech, language, swallowing or hearing problems.


We also offer Restorative Nursing for residents who have completed their initial therapy program or for residents needing help to maintain their physical abilities. Our restorative nursing aides work with residents to maintain strength, coordination, balance and walking abilities.  Over 75% of our residents are involved in the program and their progress is continually evaluated.

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